Team Building Programs

Team Building
Our team building programs focus on participants having fun and working together to learn. Through carefully designed uplifting activities, bridges to communication are built, cooperation is improved, and creative problem solving is unleashed. Participants will be encouraged to bend boundaries and extend comfort zones to expand their potential. We'll choose from hundreds of ground challenges and initiatives that will be customized to the specific needs of your group.

Low Ropes
Low ropes elements help small groups or teams to learn how to effectively solve problems together as a team. These elements enable participants to develop critical thinking skills, communication skills, problem solving skills, trust, perseverance, corporation skills, and teamwork. These skills will help participants be more successful in group situations not only right now, but in the future as they pursue their chosen field of endeavor. At the end of each element, our trained staff takes time to help the participants learn how to apply what they have learned to real life situations and integrate spiritual application to their everyday life situations.

School Field Trips
Bar-T offers educators an opportunity to expand classroom leaning through experiential fun activities conducted in a outdoor classroom setting. Our facilitators assist teams of students in the learning process through the use of team initiatives, low ropes, high ropes and more.

Church Youth Groups
Combine problem solving on the low ropes course with the excitement of the high ropes course! Participants work through a series of activities that takes them out of their everyday setting and into an environment of unknown outcomes and often surprising results. At the end of each element, our trained staff takes time to help participants learn how to apply what they have learned to real life situations and integrate spiritual application to their everyday life situations.

Scouting Groups
Bring your Scout Troop to Bar-T for a time of teambuilding, leadership training and adrenaline-pumping fun. Our uplifting program builds self-esteem and confidence while developing teamwork. Camping is also available!

Sports Teams
Our sports team program builds confidence and fitness, providing lessons not learned on the playing field. As they enjoy the great outdoors, the teams will be challenged by our facilitators to work together to achieve a common goal.


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