Contact, Booking & Prices

Contact Us
Please call or e-mail us to reserve a spot for your group. We will be glad to customize a program for your group!
Office- 601-787-2729,
Cells- 601-433-8534, 601-580-6959
Message us on Facebook @ Bar-T Adventures, LLC Challenge Course & Zip Lines

Ropes Course Prices
$25 per participant - 4 hours on the course- groups of 12 or more
$35 per participant – 6 hours on the course- groups of 12 or more
There is a minimum booking fee of $300 for 4 hrs. on the course.          
$20 per participant- 4 hour Elementary School Field Trip
Scholarships are available for students. Please discuss a need for scholarship PRIOR to your scheduled visit.

Special arrangements can be made for groups of less than 12 participants. Please contact us for more info.

Birthday Party Special
Up to 15 participants
2 1/2 hrs of climbing. $250.  Call for more info.  Some restrictions apply.

A deposit is required at the time of booking.

Add on:
Meals- $5 and up
Snacks- $.50-$2.00
Drinks- $1.00-$2.00
Bonfire $25
Camping $5 per person


  1. Is it open to walk-ins? If so what is the price? Do you have season passes?

    1. Hi Molly! We are by appointment only. The cost is $25 per person. We do not have season passes. Give us a call at 601-787-2729 to make an appointment. Thanks!

  2. hello, my daughter's end of the year school field trip is on 5/15/18. I just read in your replies that you do not accept WALK INS. The school did not have any specifications (like always), that if parents are wanting to attend, there is a certain amount they must pay and instructions on how to pay. I am wanting to attend my daughters field trip. May you help me please. Thank you in advanced

    1. Hi! Parents may observe for no charge at this field trip. Due to it being such a large group, parents will not be participating in activities. Hope to see you there!