About Us

About Us
Bar-T Adventures is a Christian organization that began in 2013. We offer Outdoor Adventure Ministry through our Challenge Ropes Course. 

Our Mission
Bar-T Adventures is dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through our Outdoor Adventure Ministry. We give both youth and adult participants an opportunity to overcome challenges resulting in increased faith and character all while having fun and learning through experience. We strive to provide quality programs and a serving staff for our participants.

We realize that not everyone who will participate on our ropes course ascribes to a Christian faith. Our ropes course program is open to all groups and participants regardless of their religious views. In keeping with the mission of Bar-T Adventure, our facilitators are encouraged to share their faith in God as it relates to the ropes course when they are debriefing an element. The Challenge Ropes Course is intended to create an open discussion on belief in which both participants and facilitators share in a non-threatening environment. Facilitators are also encouraged to pray for safety with each group before starting the course during which participants are invited, but not obligated, to participate. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, feel free to contact the ropes course director. 

Bar-T Adventures is locally owned and operated by Blain and Kelly Thatch. Blain has over 20 years experience in safety, patient care, and firefighting. He is currently a Nationally registered Emergency Medical Technician, Paramedic and Firefighter. Kelly is a full time mother of their four children. God has called them both to serve Him through Adventure Ministry here at Bar-T. 

Our Staff
Our staff is committed to providing a safe and memorable experience for all participants. Through experiential learning our leaders will facilitate activities developing communication skills, establishing leadership and building strong teams, all while sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Facilitators lead debriefing discussions during the day, relating the ropes course activities to everyday life and our relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Course
Our solidly constructed stationary course is built both in trees and on power poles. All participants are fitted with a harness and attached to an overhead belay cable with ropes and carabiners. If a participant looses footing, he/she will simply be caught by the harness and belayed safely to the ground. 
Our course was built by Norm Love and his staff at Adventures Unlimited. Adventures Unlimited is a Professional Vendor Member of the Association for Challenge Course Technology, an international organization that is a leader in the ropes course industry. ACCT sets challenge course industry standards and provides peer review for vendor members. We respect and adopt ACCT recommendations for best practices in ropes course construction, inspection, ethics, and facilitator training.


  1. I am having to post this a anonymous because I don't have a URL Account. My Name is Mark McKee.

    We took a youth Sunday School class to Bar T Adventures. It was the best thing we have ever done with our youth. Blain and Kelly were wonderful hosts and it was amazing how they incorporated the Lord Jesus Christ and the Bible into their courses. Our youth learn teamwork and how to face things that they were deathly afraid of when they first got there.

    If you have a youth group or a church group period you should book a trip to Bar T ASAP!!! You will see young people change before your very eyes. I am one of the Sunday School Teachers and I was amazed at how my class gained self confidence not only in themselves but in the Lord Jesus Christ during this adventure.

    Beside what they learned most of the described this outing in one word AWESOME!!!!

    Thanks again to Blain and Kelly for being such great hosts.

    1. I published my comments before I was finished.

      This Sunday School class was from Barnett Independent Church in Pachuta, MS. We have two mottos:

      1. The Lord will provide.
      2. We don't care where you have been. We just care about where you are going.

      If you don't have a church please come to ours. We are not perfect, just forgiven.